CAT-ASVAB: Learn, Prepare, Succeed

Interested in joining the US military after high school? You’ll be required to take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB). The ASVAB is a battery (group) of tests designed to measure your aptitude in different areas, such as verbal or quantitative skills. Your scores are used to assign you to careers and specialties in the military. If you want to pursue a sought-after specialty, you need to score well on the ASVAB. Click here to learn about the ASVAB. 

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Not all practice tests are created equal. Our CAT-ASVAB practice tests have been developed by experienced professionals with a Ph.D. in Psychometrics, the science of testing. They utilize the same technology and research as the real CAT-ASVAB: item response theory. Our CAT-ASVAB tests are currently being offered for FREE. Click here to sign up.

Knowledge is power
The first step in CAT-ASVAB preparation is to learn about the exam. Click here for a background of the CAT-ASVAB.

CAT-ASVAB practice exams
Athletes have a preseason. Actors have dress rehearsals. Practice tests are just as important for you! Click here to take real CAT-ASVAB practice tests with our professional online testing system.

What is the CAT in CAT-ASVAB?
CAT refers to “computerized adaptive testing” – the future of testing. The test adapts itself to your specific abilities. Learn more here.